Hello, my name is Lee Wallace, I'm a Scottish Artist located in central Scotland.

I am currently looking for employment within commuting distance of my home.
I have skills in 2d and 3d art, multimedia design and website design.

After 14 years employment in a Simulation & Training Company, I am now looking for a new challenge.
During my 14 years I worked mostly with 2d and 3d graphics and occasionally undertook a multimedia style role.

I have a passion for art & design and enjoy practising and improving my skills whenever I can find some free time.

Recently I have been working on improving my skills in traditional art techniques as I feel this will be of great benefit to future digital artwork.

Over the years I have gained skills in several areas and software packages such as ZBrush, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Flash & Actionscript, Headus UV Layout, html, css, javascript, ASP .NET, C#.

My main skills and confidence are in artistic based roles but gaining an insight into languages such as Actionscript, html, css, javacript, c#, have proven my ability to adapt when the job requires it.

I am a big fan of movies and gaming, both of which have been my main inspiration to choose a career in an art & design role.

A large part of my development over the years has been the result of the valuable skills gained from the exceptional learning resources that are available to an Artist online.

Most recently my websites of choice would be the home of the amazing workshops provided by Ryan Kingslien,
which are ZBrush Workshops & Visualarium

Other valuable online resources which I frequent are The Gnomon Workshop and ConceptArt.org.

While visiting don't forget to check out my links page for some very useful and interesting websites.